Next tasting – Friday 14th October

In October we welcome back Italian specialist Ben Robson from Bat & Bottle of Oakham with his ”The Abruzzo, Misunderstood and Magnificent” tasting.

The Abruzzo is Italy’s rural heart, a large mountainous region stretching over 4000 square miles, with 100 miles of coastline and under 1.2 million inhabitants. 

Their famed wines are Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, for many years these were the only 2 DOC wines on offer, but that is changing fast.  It turns out that Trebbiano plantings were rarely a single variety… Pecorino was identified and noted for its excellence, as was Passerina, these varieties are forging another path for Abruzzo whites.  Montepulciano is undoubtably a world class variety, historically used to make simple wines though a group of producers around Terame backed the variety to raise it up and have been rewarded with their own DOC.  In the Gran Sasso, a magnificent mountain national park, there has been some serious investment and the results are extraordinary, InAlto has only made wine for a few years and has already won 3 glasses from the Gambero Rosso.

So much variety, so much quality, when it comes to price/ quality, age worthy wines, this is a very exciting region.

For more information:

Tel: 01572 759735 / 07809 828662
Address: 18d Oakham Enterprise Park, Oakham. LE15 7TU

Note that Members are required to confirm attendance at the next tasting and paying the tasting fee in advance. Unfortunately, it is not possible for members or guests to simply turn up on the night owing to space limitations.

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