What we tasted in September 2014

Wirra Wirra Wines, Australia

Many thanks to Neil Phillips “The Wine Tipster” for presenting wines from Wirra Wirra, Australia.  We all had a fantastic evening.

More information is available here:
Web: thewinetipster.co.uk   gonzalezbyassuk.com   wirrawirra.com
Twitter:  @thewinetipster   @wirrawirrawines   @gonzalezbyassuk
Facebook:   The Wine Tipster   Wirra Wirra Wines


Wirra Wirra 0914b

 Neil Phillips aka “The Wine Tipster”


  1. Lost Watch Riesling 2012
  2. 12th Man Chardonnay 2013
  3. Mrs Wigley Moscato 2013
  4. Church Block 2012
  5. Catapult Shiraz 2010
  6. Woodhenge Shiraz 2012
  7. RSW Shiraz 2009
  8. Dead Ringer Cabernet Sauvignon 2009


Wirra Wirra 0914

Wirra Wirra 0914a


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