What we tasted in November 2013

Bodegas Roda and Bodega La Horra Corimbo

Many thanks to Matthieu Barrere of Mentzendorff for presenting wines from Bodegas Roda from Rioja and Bodega La Horra Corimbo.  Thanks also to Iain Phillips for arranging the tasting.  We all had a fantastic evening.

For more information:

Web: roda.es
Web: bodegaslahorra.es
Web: mentzendorff.co.uk
Tel: 020 7840 3600
Email: orders@mentzendorff.co.uk


Roda1-EditGUWS’ John Malpass with Matthieu Barrere



  1. Sela 2010
  2. Roda Reserva 2006
  3. Roda Reserva 2007
  4. Roda I 2006
  5. Roda I 2005
  6. Roda I 2004


Bodegas la Horra

  1. Corimbo 2010
  2. Corimbo I 2009




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