What we tasted in October 2012

C.V.N.E Rioja

Many thanks to Quentin Sadler for presenting wines from C.V.N.E (Compania Vinacola del Norte de Espana).  We all had a fantastic evening.  Don’t forget to follow Quentin’s travels through his blog.

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Blog: quentinsadler.wordpress.com
Twitter: @quentinsadler
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  1. 2010 Vina Real Barrel Fermented Blanco D.O.Ca Rioja
  2. 2010 Contino Blanc D.O.Ca Rioja
  3. 2009 Vina Real Crianza D.O.Ca Rioja
  4. 2007 Cune Reserva D.O.Ca Rioja
  5. 2006 Contino Reserva D.O.Ca Rioja
  6. 2005 Vina Real Gran Reserva D.O.Ca Rioja
  7. 2001 Imperial Gran Reserva D.O.Ca Rioja
  8. 2007 Contino Vina del Olivo D.O.Ca Rioja



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