What we tasted in June 2021

In June we welcomed back Jane Sowter of Chateau Musar, with a tasting of four wines from their portfolio. The presentation was full of stories of what has been going on in the last two years in the Lebanon, and the difficulties they’ve had due to COVID-19, the massive explosion at the port of Beirut, and difficulties in shipping. Throughout all of this, business continues and a big thank you to Jane for her continuing support.

For more information:
Web: chateaumusar.com

The wines tasted were:

  1. Musar Jeune White 2019
  2. Musar Jeune Rosé 2019
  3. Hochar Père et Fils Red 2017
  4. Chateau Musar 2014

Next tasting – Friday 11th June

Chateau Musar

In June we welcome back Jane Sowter of Chateau Musar, presenting a range of wines from the premium Lebanese producer.

For more information:
Web: chateaumusar.com

Note: This tasting will be presented via Zoom. Members are contacted prior to each tasting to order any wines they wish to try. 

What we tasted in November 2018

Many thanks to Jane Sowter for presenting a wonderful range of wines from the legendary Lebanese winery Chateau Musar.  A first for the society, we tasted the same vintage (2008) in half, bottle and magnum.

For more information:
Web: chateaumusar.com
Email: info@chateaumusar.co.uk

Jane Sowter of Chateau Musar
  1. Musar Jeune Red 2016
  2. Hochar Pere et Fils Red 2015
  3. Chateau Musar White 2009
  4. Chateau Musar Red 2011
  5. Chateau Musar Red 2008 in half
  6. Chateau Musar Red 2008 in bottle
  7. Chateau Musar Red 2008 in magnum
  8. Chateau Musar Red 2004

Next tasting – Friday 9th November

In November we welcome Jane Sowter presenting wines from the legendary Lebanese winery Chateau Musar.

For more information:
Web: chateaumusar.com
Email: info@chateaumusar.co.uk

Note that Members are contacted by a member of the Committee each month to commit to attendance at the tasting. Unfortunately, it is not possible for members or guests to simply turn up on the night owing to space limitations and the need to arrange catering in advance.